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A question of numbers...


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1. How many stars in our galaxy have been named?

2. How many galaxies have been named?

I don't mean proper names like Mirphak, Aldeberan or The Whirpool galaxy, but catalogue type names like NGCxxx or Eta Cepheus 51 Cet and M110.

Perhaps thsi should ask - how many have been catalogued?


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According to the info. on downloads contained in Cartes du Ciel, the USNO-A2 catalog "contains 526,280,881 stars to magnitude 20". I haven't got that one installed, myself, but I have downloaded the GSC catalog (19,000,000 stars to magnitude 15). Well, part of it anyway, I stopped at declination -35°. Even so it took ages!

As for galaxies - well the PGC catalogue "Catalog of Principal Galaxies 1999" contains "193,898 galaxies" and I'm sure that's not exhaustive...

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