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First Jupiter shots with 80DS Pro


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Hello everybody, here are a couple of pictures taken with my Skywatcher 80DS Pro Olympus E510 plus a barlow lens. I took about 8 pictures and then stacked them with registax. Any comments or advice regarding the picture appreciated. I'm using a Celestron ultimate 2 X Barlow lens, would it be worth me buying a 3 X barlow lens to have more magnification? Or would I be pushing the limits of the scope, also any advice regarding using a DSLR for planetary work appreciated.

Thank you.




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You can clearly see the banding on there merlin so an impressive first effort with the kit. The ED80 would be very happy with a x3 barlow. Unfortunately DSLRs aren't the greatest cameras for planetary imaging, you do get better results with modded web cams which take lots of images which can then be stacked together in Registax but you've shown it isn't futile.

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You've done very well there with an SLR. As well as their inability to get high frame rates, the sensor size means you are going to get a lot of blank space, even if you add in 20x worth of magnification, which in all practical terms is unusable, I tried it just to see. The sensor size of the webcam is such that you get a much closer in view.

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