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if you already own an eq6 can you get the necessary equipment to make it into a neq6? Can you buy NEQ6's on there own? I'm buying a 12 skywatcher dob from FLO in 2 weeks, I cant afford the 12 inch flextube auto but after xmas will be on the look for a mount and rings etc to get the dob on the mount for longer all nighters and to use with some smaller scopes. "if i can buy a NEQ6 or upgrade a EQ6".

I did email FLO a week ago asking if they could get an NEQ6 on its own but haven't had a reply.

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You can upgrade it cheaper using ADM - they do a Losmandy or dual fit saddle (FLO do them) as well as the longer extension bar. You might also need an extra weight.

Steve posted quite recently that you cant buy an NEQ6 on its own. Its only sold as part of the pack with the SW300 but with that said a few of them appear to have shipped as solo units for no obvious reason. Perhaps the distributor had some spare or they were shipped in error from China as standard EQ6s.

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Originally the NEQ6 was the same as the EQ6-PRO but with an extended counterweight bar and a Losmandy-type (wider) dovetail saddle but about 4-5 months ago the EQ6-PRO was quietly renamed as the NEQ6 without any change to its specification. Things have been a tad confusing ever since.

Currently the original NEQ6 with the longer counterweight bar and wider saddle cannot be bought as a mount alone, it is only available packaged with the Explorer 300p.

ADM offer a Losmandy/Vixen dual saddle and Ambermile offer an extended counterweight bar for the standard NEQ6/EQ6-PRO.


I did email FLO a week ago asking if they could get an NEQ6 on its own but haven't had a reply.
Sorry :rolleyes:

Please PM me your email address so I can search.

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I guess the type of upgrade kit you choose depends on whether you're trying to eliminate flexure, or only increase the capacity of the mount. If you want to eliminate flex for imaging, then you need a thicker CW, and your weight as close to the pivot point as possible to eliminate balance issues. You also need to grip the CW shaft tighter so the factory bits making it retractable need to go.

Either way, if you use a long heavy OTA like that, you have to take moment arm / leverage into account, and you will still put strain on the mount, which could cause balance issues and premature mechanical wear. That's because weight distribution is further from the pivot point, and a 12" long Newtonian OTA is harder to balance end to end than a short SCT, and it's already at the limit of the mount's capabilities. The entire tripod will also shift, regardless of the surface you're on too.

I would recommend tightening the mount up to extend it's service life either way. There are some folks who can give them internal mods, and a once over. Possibly Alan Buckman or Brian at Astroparts may be able to help. If you buy a secondhand EQ6, that could work for you financially, otherwise perhaps it's worth comparing an EQ6 with a CGEM side by side.


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