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M31 and M45 from Friday night


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I see I'm not the only one who targeted these two on Friday night.

Canon EOS1000D and Tamron 70 - 300mm lense - both these at about 280mm. Astronomik CLS filter.

M31 - 21 x 5 mins - ISO 800 + darks and flats

M45 - 6 x 5 mins - ISO 800 + darks and flats.

I don't seem to have achieved the clarity or detail that Robindurant got in theirs. I think this is perhaps due to guiding not working quite as well as usual and also a critical error - I forgot to level the scope before polar alignment so I think I was geting a bit of rotation. Never mind - there's always another night.



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Thanks - yes I know - I've really got to sort out these flats - I'll have another go at taking flats tomorrow and a try again. The flats I took to use for through prime focus stuff through the scope work really well - these were through the camera's own lense so somethings wrong with them.

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Thanks everyone - the kind comments on here really do inspire you to keep trying and get the best results possible.

Still getting used to so many new things at the moment - new equipment and new software and new processing techniques. Can't believe I've only been at it for 18 months. This really is a great hobby and this forum helps so much.

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