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I found another planet


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At least I think I did... but I'm getting ahead of myself..

I setup the rig, and set that going... more M31 data... then, after a quick check on Stellarium, grabbed the 15x70's on my tripod and went a hunting..

I started with Jupiter, then on to Neptune... Not unsurprisingly in exactly the same place (or at least that I could tell at this low power :)). Then using Starwalk on my ipod... red screened and auto lock turned off... I went a-hunting along the plane of the eliptic.

Thankfully, using Starwalk, I found some very nice little pointers... a triangle of stars pointing straight at it, and a few forming lines either side... and after looking, and checking, confirm, and look and check... I'm sure I found it... looking just like a star... but if I'm correct... my 8th planet... Uranus..

;):hello2: Yay!!!

During one of the look away, check and look back, I caught a glimpse of something bright, fast and fiery shoot overhead North to South.

I then went and had a look at tonights imaging target, I'm sure I could just about make out M31 unaided tonightm but getting the bins on it, and the shape was clear... the bright core elongating out into an oval.

I spent some 10 minutes, hunting from there for M33, but no luck again tonight... a tough needle to find in that haystack... and starwalk really wasn't of any real use... I'm sure I was pointing the bins to the right patch of sky... ah well...

I spotted Auriga over the neighbours house and went looking for clusters... I firstly found Mr Smiley and the little fish nearby, then studied where his right ear would be, and yep... there's the first one... M38... A little way lower than this and I found M37.

By this point, thanks to spending so long craning my neck to try and find M33, and the cold seeping in through me fleece, I went in for a cuppa and to warm up.

Hmmm... I enjoyed that session too... Even better knowing that I'm imaging whilst observing too..

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Thanks Steve... It's good being able to do that.. but gosh... yeah it's cold... my dew control involves me hosing the edge of the dew shield with the hairdryer every 45 minutes or so and it's getting somewhat biting.. Gonna have to have another cuppa soon, see if I can warm my toes up...

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Thanks Mark...

Just been out, checking the rig... and had a look at Orion... M42 and M43 I could make out, and I could see where the running man is, although I couldn't see any neb... M42 looked very much like a bird in the 15x70's... I also saw my fourth planet tonight... Mars is now over the neighbours roof... So that's 5 including ours... I wonder if I can see the others before sun up... I'll be wasted tomorrow...

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