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Hard case for Celestron 80ED?

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Im also looking for one for my skywatcher 130pm this is the closest ive come...

Cases, Bags and Covers for Telescopes and Other Optics

unfortunatley yours isnt on here either but i have emailed them so if they recomend anywhere i will post back.


also try here just cant remember whats on there.


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Had been looking for one myself and found this at Teleskop Service: Skywatcher ED80 Case for Skywatcher, Vixen & Orion 80/600 ED scopes. Rang them and was told that the Celestron C80 ED-R wouldn't fit as it was too long.

Then found an Orion case for their 80 ED Apo. The Celestron fits perfectly - after a little trimming of the foam.

I'm told Orion have decatalogued/discontinued the case. You might be lucky and still find one somewhere in the supply chain.

Doubt this is any use to you as they're in Terrassa, NE Spain - but here's a link to where I got mine: Valkanik - Maleta Orion Deluxe para R-80ED.

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Thank you both for the info. I had a suspicion that the SkyWatcher case was unsuitable as, I think, the lens hood on that is retractable and on the C80ED it is not. It is removable, but you then don't have a lens cover.

Looks like a DIY job with a small suit case.


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