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Canon 1000d Problem?

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I have just got (and modified) a 1000d, I am finding that if I take a 90 second exposure I have to wait about 60 secs before I can take another image. I assume that during this time the image is being transfered to the memory card. This seems like a long time and did not happen with my 300d. Do other people suffer this problem? Is there any way of reducing the download time?

Your thoughts and comments appreciated and thanks in advance.


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John, It sounds like you have ICNR (In Camera Noise Reduction) turned on. Basically, the camera takes a dark frame for every light frame. I don't know the 1000d, but I think on the 450d the setting is in the custom settings menu. Switch off ICNR and you should find the Light is stored quickly without the long pause.

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It depends John... It is in one respect, the dark matches the light as closely as possible, and it does a great job on noise, hot pixels etc... but there's a down side... Each frame takes twice as long. So if you're shooting say 5 minute frames... each frame takes 10 minutes to store. So you are halving the number of light frames you can capture in a session. Whereas, if you capture 3 hours worth of light frames, you get 36 frames, then take a further 11 darks, you're total is less than four hours (compared to 6 hours using ICNR and you'd need 6 hours of clear skies instead of 3).

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