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Advice on which binoculars.


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Over the years I've had a few binoculars such as bressers and I've always found quality wise they are not that great.

Well I'm after some high quality Binoculars that will enable me to see most of the galaxies in say the Virgo cluster from a dark site. Idea is to have a few star charts and Bino's on top of a hill in Derbyshire Dales.

My 16" LB is fantastic but takes for ever to pack up and take to darker sites, a small pair of high quality bino's would be great to continue my messier catalogue.

I would prefer hand held but have a photo tripod so can use this.

Important thing is high quality and good optics.

Money wise say upto £175.

Any ideas.

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hi Doc, my own experience is that you need pretty big bins on a tripod to see those galaxies (even from dark skies). Other people's experiences my well differ and perhaps other eyes and bins are better than mine own but in cheap 10x50s i thought I could see M81/M82 but not certain so absolutely no chance of any virgo galaxies; in cheap 20x80s M81/82 are very obvious and the brighter virgo galaxies are there (but only just); in expensive 20x100s on a proper tripod and head they are that bit brighter (but that's just the M's) - no way Markarian chain etc other than "averted imagination" :).

I say once again, that's just my experience - you might get more views from cloudy nights cos I get the impression there are a lot more serious binocular observers there (but be careful what you say as even relatively innocuous comments can star a war...:))

now if you could put to 16" lightbridges together......:D

good luck

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Yes, it does. But then I liked this picture:


Does anyone else think the two smaller 'binos look like hand held binos and the man has been shrunk and composited? They look like you could just pick them up and use them as normal binos!

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It's a promo picture for Gulliver's Travels. Those are mighty 'bins!'

You might want to have a word with Kay Optical (not associated with them at all). They are pretty good on all things bin wise and cater to a large no. of birders.

My Uncle-in-law sends his bins up from Somerset for regular servicing as he wont trust anyone else with them.

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I think it was funny that they were pointing in the opposite direction. right now, the only thing that joins our scopes is the name and the fact that they both reside in the UK.

Perhaps when we get our 24" Starsplitters, we could join these two up at star party's to make an event of it !

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