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Streetlight Costs


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Does anybody know how much a streetlight costs to install? I mean more in terms of the labour as opposed to the light itself.

I am currently doing a case study on replacing all of the lights in my local area with efficient cut-off ones.

If there is enough interest, I can post my report here after finishing...



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Dont know the cost but you will probably find that the council will have to supply and fit them which meant surveys and contractors,

have you asked them about replacing the current ones? as they might be able to supply what you need regarding costing.

regards ron.s.g

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Register a Freedom of Information request with the county council (county councils handle highways not district or borough councils).

Just write to them stating you are making a request under the FOI act and want to know what the costs are.

You'll be amazed most likley.

I work for a council and most people are amazed what stuff like a park bench costs but thats because theres a lot more to it than simply getting a cheap bench out of B&Q and sticking it in a park. We have to have stuff thats vandal proof, do a survey, lay a concrete base, carry out all the health and safety checks etc etc etc.

A light means you have to buy the light itself and its pole and I bet theres not much change out of £3k for one of those, then you have to do the groundwork, digging the hole, survey etc then you need to get it wired up so you need a sparks and negotiation with the power company for connection as an unmetered supply etc. I bet the cost is frightening.

I think I read somewhere that to replace the bulbs in a streetlight costs about £1000 a go if you take everything into account.

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I have to look at telegraph poles on a regular basis (certain insurance company seems to provide cover only for people who collide with on a weekly basis it seems!)

Not much change from £1,500. I would expect them to be cheaper as they are wooden.

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