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My new setup


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Just thought I'd post an image of my new setup

The mount and the Newt were aquired this weekend.

OK I know that its all my fault that the skies are full of :) for the next 4 weeks at least.


<img src=http://iseestars.net/image/4585/large/image.jpg alt=ISEE STARS Image>

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Hi Ian,

Nice setup !.

Is that a Telescope House dielectric diagonal on your ED80 ? - if so how do you find it ? - I'm thinking of moving to one of these from my Tele Vue 1.25 inch Everbright on my ED80.



North Somerset.

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I need to upgrade my 2" diagonal from the one that came with my skywatcher 100ED. Better than a tasco one, but pretty poor. Although it might benefit from a quick clean hehe. I dont tend to clean my optics until the point i say "hmmm thats an odd looking star, theres a dark patch over it! Have i found a new planet? Ahhh no i just need to do a bit of dusting :D"

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