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NEQ6pro - counterweight shaft hole??

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Do you mean ACROSS the shaft? If so it is probably to put a tommy bar through so that you can tighten the weight shaft properly - Only guessing, I have an EQ5 which has a chrome plated shaft, no hole, and so no way of gripping the darn thing to get it even reasonably tight.

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Yes, it's across the shaft....

I also have the HEQ5 and never really felt the need to use a tommy bar etc to tighten the counterweight shaft....

Do we all agree??? or do I stick with the ipod attachment??

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The shaft of my HEQ5 just slides out and is locked by the .. er ..locking lock thingy at the top.

I'd go for either an ipod attachment, or a hole to hold a hook to keep your thermos safe, and add extra ( variable) weight.


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