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M13 and a Small Edge on Spiral IC4617


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Quite a few hours worth of Data on M13 before it dissappeared into the murk made up of stacks of 60,120,240 and 480s subs at ISO800 with the 1000D on the CPC800 at f6.3.

Individual sub lenghts were stacked in DSS before they were combined in Registar...

Towards the top edge slightly left of center is an edge on spiral galaxy which I am guessing is IC4617...


Another early night for me ... Work can be a PITA at times...


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I was hopign for more but it disappeared in to the Murk - SW round through West is my worst direction for LP from the Lower Swansea Valley and the City Center...

I Should have paid it more attention earlier in the year when it was better placed for imaging... Bu I just wanted to grab it up close before I change imaging setups over for a few months...


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Very well resolved, better than what I managed recently! And the colours are splendid. I wonder, are the outer regions of the cluster a bit dim and lacking in depth, compared with the excellent centre? Perhaps you could have a play with the different length subs?

The faint spiral is indeed IC4617; NGC 6207 is alas! out of frame to the left, it would have been obvious to see as it's a lot brighter! CdC does show the smaller IC4617, but only if you have the PGC catalogue installed, then it's labelled as PGC2085077 but it's the same beast. Probably, at mag. 16 would be utterly unknown and overlooked by all astroimagers, were it not for the accident of its being in the FOV of M13! I wonder what the inhabitants of any habitable planets in that galaxy think (thought?) of our interest?

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