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Nick R

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well after all my trials and tribulations it actually worked yippee

i have set it . re set it , changed the battery in the auto star calibrated the mount Twice , took it out side ,did a 2 star align and waited till it had finished going through the motions ,, waited a few moments , then pressed the go to Jupiter and bingo , sent it to vega, bingo spot on , sent it to a few others and i had a full house ,every one a winner ,

so in all not a bad day , got a job and my goto worked :D:hello2::):hello2:

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HehHehHeh!!. Excellent. Persistence will bring rewards, you've just proved it.

Let's hope the winter skies cooperate, and you get enough good nights to get around the Universe.

Don't overdo it though, you do have a job to go to now, and that means you need sleep.:D


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