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A dream come true : Been waiting for this : Horse Head Nebula

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Ever since I picked up an astro book when I was young, the image of the horse head nebula fascinated me no end. No way did I ever image I could take such pictures until very recently.

Well I have been waiting all year, well since I started the hobby in May to get some images of Orion and his friends.

Problem I have is the houses and so last night was the 1st time that it was a clear night, no work the next day and I could stay up until 4am to shoot.

Well here is my 1st ever attempt a a proper winter target in Orion.

Shot with SkyWatcher EvoStar Pro ED 120 Diamond with EOS 350D modded and Astronomik CLS LP Filter.

About 2hours 40mins in 5 min subs with darks, flats etc added. All at a noise crunching 1600 ISO.

What do you think ?

Horsehead Small.jpg

Had a few problems with guiding on the QHY5 and ED80, hence the slightly elongated stars. Was a rush to get this shot in the available night sky I had.

Full size image is here

http://extraview.dnsalias.com/temp/Horsehead Large.jpg

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Great job!

It is the same for me too, it is the HH that got me into this hobby.

BUT I still have not imaged it yet :D

Its out of sight from my home, but now I travel to image I will definitely get it this year!!

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A very good start indeed - the detail is coming out well in the object, despite the tracking problems.

I would recommend being a little less harsh with your smoothing regime though, to give it a more natural feel.

Whats causing those diffraction spikes by the way? I see your using a refractor to image with, and those don't look like added spikes.

Focus looks good as well!



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Difraction spikes direct from image and not added. Guessing because the star is soooooo bright with all the gases around.

I added a very little bit of smoothing. Trying to get more data tonight, or even M42

Looks pretty I think, natural difraction spikes.

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Well done; I remember my own first shot of this and the amazing sensation of realizing that this object truly does exixt, despite what searches in a large reflector would lead you to believe!


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Very nice Cat, I've been toying with this imaging lark for about 5 years on and off and I still haven't managed to bag the HH yet.

I was hoping to have a go at it at kelling but the weather had other ideas.

Well done m8.

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