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Camera Orientation

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If orientation is an issue over a period of time I use a bit of masking tape on the camera and on the focuser then mark a registration line.

That way you can put the camera back in place, well pretty close each time. This will work with an Equatorial mount... on an Al-Az the position angle ( as recorded on the CCD) varies with the time of night......

( I sometimes need to do this with the spectroscope to make sure the spectrum clears background stars)

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Im on the same chair as Roundycat, my DSLR is orientated north/south whenever possible, the odd time its rotated to fit a very large target. My DSLR is left connected to the scope all the time otherwise new flats would be needed every imaging session.

Ive used tape trick myself on many occations.

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Good tips, thanks. But I think you're assuming I have far knowledge than I deserve! What I'm trying to figure is far more fundamental and probably something that you'd simply assume everyone knows already. But here goes...

If I never remove or rotate the camera from an equatorial mount between sessions, will any given target always be in the same orientation in the camera (given that the position of the target in the sky changes over the year)?

Answers along the lines of, 'of course it will you numpty, it's an equatorial mount' welcomed! But I want to be sure before I try taking data and, for many irrelevant and tiresome reasons, my brain is only working at about 5% capacity at the moment and I just can't picture it mentally.

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Only targets that would be visible year long are circumpolar. Any other target travels along an imaginary line, the orientation wont change if you use an equatorial mount as the mount follows the same imaginary line as the target. Alt Az mounts would rotate the target AFAIK.

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Answers along the lines of, 'of course it will you numpty, it's an equatorial mount' welcomed! -Yes.

For all "fixed" objects in the sky ie stars, galaxies, DSO's etc

Comets and planets etc because of their movement will have different orientations.

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