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Astronomy in france for holliday: Light Pollution map


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hi all

if you want to go in france next summer , don't forget you telescop :)

on this url, : Map of dark sky in france, belgium, west suisserland,


3 size :

mega size PDF (35mo) 1m75 large : all town and village are ident


middle size A3x2 (42x42 cm) : The most important town and village


If you have a small web conection, you can use streaming map



have fun and, may be see you on Limousin or Auvergne :)

I will translate legend later but

white = very bad,

black = best

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Jamie, I had a climbing holiday at Orpiere a few years ago. It is a fantastic location :)

We are looking into taking a transit van and a car so that at least 6 of us can go and take

as much astro kit as we want.

From Glasgow its 1050 miles each way and a 17.5 hr drive to get there.

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Just seen this thread. I'm thinking of living in France at some point soon and am looking for an area that's clear and dark but doesn't suffer with weather extremes.
I have stayed at Les Granges hosted by the awesome dude Olly Penrice but I was wondering if anybody knew of any other areas I should consider?
I am attracted to the Limousin area because it's sparsely populated and has high mountains and foothills plus the Auvergne area.

Any advice gratefully appreciated :)


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