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Well it was clear here. So no clouds..no moon..and dry air. After three hours the scope was still bone dry....

The result...

The double 55 Pices does look like Albeiro but much fainter and closer together. Really fine blue colour on the dimmer star...

Galaxy hunt...

Yes 8 more...

NGC 821/777/678/680/772/672/684/670...Those carte due ciel charts are the business...

Brightest was 772...Normally I struggle to see this one which shows how good the seeign was...

NGC 678 and NGC 680 are another pair you can see in the same FOV in my 6.4mm galaxy extractor lens...These are faint though, even more faint than the headlight galaxies beneath the Pegasus square...

Sometimes in a group the easiest according to the books is the hardest. So 672 was tough but those around it with sbrs of 14 were actually easier...

Managed to split a double in aquarius..Some greek letter that looks like an e but with a J below it!! About 1.4" or arc so pretty good. I will check it to ensure it was not my bad focus...

Very cold at 11pm so I went in,.. but I still had more carte due ciel galaxy charts to go..Theres always tonight..oh no that would not be acceptable to the lady of the house...2 nights in a row!!


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Great report Mark. I was really good and transparent last night and as you say the scopes remained dry. I bought a S/H 6" refractor a few days ago and tried it last night side by side with my 10" Dob. It was pleasing that I could see NGC891 with the 6" and using the 13mm Ethos. As Herschel (I think) said once a faint object has been viewed in a larger scope you are able to detect the same object in a smaller scope.

Thanks for the tip on 55 Pisces - Webb said 'very yellow, very blue'. I will check it out with the big frac.


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If you can see the veil that well, NGC 7006 and NGC 6781 then you can see a lot of the galaxies I am bagging..

So try first with NGC 7331...above and right of the Pegasus square.

Right Ascension22 : 37.1 (h:m)

Declination+34 : 25 (deg:m)

This is very bright and easy to pick out....

Then try more of a challenge. NGC 7332 the next NGC item. It is fainter (mag 11) but still relatively easy. It is to the right of the Pegasus square.

Right Ascension: 22 : 37.4 (hours : minutes)

Declination: +23 : 48 (degrees : minutes)

I know your WO lenses can do this...:D


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Cheers Mark. I've seen 7331 from SP but I just struggle from my back garden. I've seen a few of the big ones I would say maybe 10 galaxies but the smaller ones I find hard.

Will try harder next time.

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