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Morning fellow SGL'ers

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I'm trying to get more practicle use of my astronomy hobby.

I've had a Celestron firstscope 80eq (model # 21086) since the tail end of the 'season' when Mars was at it's closest to Earth.

When I discovered the effects of light pollution I then just became a Moon watcher. But even doing that faded. I did get a series of photos of a Lunar Eclipse on 04 Mar 2007 :D

I do get a cardboard Solarscope out to look for Sunspots :)

I'm in West Berkshire :?

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And go out and find some like minded people :D

For example, there's a gathering at the Thatcham Town Council office I'd like to shoehorn into an already busy evening tonight.

Thats a good idea. Always good to share your experiences, you learn alot more that way.

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On 12/10/2009 at 11:26, kevenh said:

I'm trying to get more practical use of my astronomy hobby.


I do get a cardboard Solarscope out to look for Sunspots :)

Still 'trying' to do more.  Not done a lot in the 10+ years. :( (still in same house next to a School's security lights - tbf they go off at 10pm)

I did migrate from the cardboard Solarscope to a DIY Sun filter made with Baader’s AstroSolar film to watch & photo sunspots with the refractor.

Recently bought a motorhome & ended up seeing Neowise, meteorite showers,  Jupiter & moons while camping and that gave me the idea of letting my little sis have the Celestron firstscope 80eq and buying a Nexstatr 8SE.

That's a portable scope :)

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