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Dew control

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Cheapest form of dew control is a hairdryer fanned over the optics now and then to warm them up a bit and keep dew off. The only problem will be noise at that time of night.

did think of that , but you aint seen the size of my mrs,s hair dryer , it could propel a jet :D

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I'd recommend the dew shield first though - stopping it getting dewed up is the key. You could even try making one out of a cardboard box as a stop gap - someone did that at the recent Salisbury star party


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I think according to his sig panel its an etx scope...

The resisters etc would still work wrapped around the end of the tube, but the cardboard tube wrapped around the front of the scope about x1.5 the diameter of the objective long ie about 150mm plus fixing, will work very well....

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I agree with the dewshield option - cardboard or camping mat.

Some kind of insulation over the bottom of the scope (to stop the primary chilling too much) can also help.

The thing to remember with hairdryers, dew controllers etc is that you also need a 12V power supply, and that will set you back about £25.

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