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Double cluster in terrible conditions


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Clearly there was something wrong last night. The mount's tracking was abysmal, and it's definitely NOT a power issue, but I was of the impression my polar alignment was pretty good :D. I went for this target because the transparency was too poor to try anything more ambitious. Unfortunately, it seems the poor transparency has also bloated my stars. Plus I thought I got over an hour, but DSS has only used 39 mins.

So I'm not very pleased with this, but here it is anyway.

Exposure: 26x90 seconds - 39 mins. Unguided.

Camera: Modified Canon 450D and Neodymium filter

Scope: ED120 at f/7.5



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That's a shame Andrew. It is not all that bad, but the conditions prevented what could have been a superb image.

There's enough incentive to repeat the attempt mate, but when the conditions are more favourable.

I've had a tinker with it, hope you don't mind. I need practice.:)



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that's not so bad, especially if conditions were not up to it. Why do you do what so many DSS users do and let the software tell you what to do? Why not tell the software what you want it to do and don't accept DSS rejecting frames without you get the chance to intervene.

Was tracking poor because of wind or could it have been an issue with balance.


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Either manually check each sub before adding it to the stacking list...


After registering Sort the subs on Score order and manually check each one... most of the time DSS does a pretty good job of rejecting the worst frames...Frames with elongated stars across the whole frame are nearly always rejected automatically...

Sometimes leass can be more... when you can get a better final image with a lower number of higher scoring subs...


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