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Has anyone any idea's where I might find a 25mm male to 55 mm female adaptor?

I have scoured the internet to no avail as I would love to use my sony digital camcorder for some astro photography but I need the adaptor so I can use the T mount ring I have to fasten it to my hyperion eyepiece.

I have tried various after market holders that clamp to the eyepiece but found them all lacking. The mount direct to the hyperion would give me the most stable platform as the eyepiece is designed to handle panasonic camcorders etc.

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yes Ive tried it thanks James, along with a couple of others..The direct mounting to the eyepiece used on the hyperion is the best method I have found so far so thats the route I'm intending to go.

Captian Chaos your a life saver.. I will be on the phone to them tomorrow.. at last I can use the sony :)

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They arrived saturday.. Now thats what i call service.. they fit a treat so all I have to do now is work out the best settings to use on the sony hcr 42 e and im sorted ...I also grabbed one of thos eye piece adaptors from skys the limit to use with my 1.25 eye pieces, as I have got it in the 55mm size I can now use either the handycam or the s 5000 so both myself and my brother can have a go at the same time..

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