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View with a 4mm UO ortho


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Well I tried out my 4mm ortho last night. It has a very small lens and about 3mm of eye relief so no glasses and almost touching the lens to see.


What an awesome sharp clear view. I tried M13 in Hercules and it just fils the view with zillions of small stars. So amazing for x 300.

Tracking was fun as the globular cluster moved accross the FOV fairly quickly but by getting ahead of it and watching it drift accross was very pleasant. :)

I also tried a few doubles. I found the colour was much more obvious in this eyepiece than others. Lovely deep blues on Albeiro and that one at the end of Andromeda. :D

I tried M29 and again a special view. M29 filled the FOV so you knew exactly what you were looking at, other lenses you have to say that little group of stars that looks like Pleides in the centre of the view...Mind you if you want to show someone else the view you need to set the scope up so that in 30 seconds the object will be in view now thats tricky...

So folks perhaps we should start an F5 or lower eyepiece review list. The 4mm ortho which is as basic as they come was great as long as you do not want lots of eye relief or a big FOV...sharp right accross the field and it does not take up much space in your eyepeice collection.



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Thats interesting feedback Mark :D

Good old ortho's are excellent high power eyepieces in all scopes - is yours a branded one or one of the Japanese "volcano" tops ?.

Personally I think the volcano shaped ones make the short eye relief easier to deal with as they seem to fit the same of the face a little better than the "flat tops".


PS: I'm based at Portishead, not far at all from yourself !.

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