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Have i fried my auto star hand set

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started to down load update as i was having problems and thought this was the fix.After about 4 mins of download the handset went off (new out of pack battries in )

Now when i try to switch it on it says welcome and all that then goes blank

any thoughts

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Never tried it but:

You need a Meade interface cable to perform the download, do you have it?

Which Autostar version have you?

Which version of software did you try to install?

Did the ETX come from a shop?

If local would they be able to perform the download?

Suspect that it is not fried, they usually operate as a bootloader and software. The handset will power up, say hello then run the application in this case the autostar software. Guess that the bootloader is the bit you see and that the software isn't being run.

The autostar hardware you probably have is one of 2 options and there may be a memory size difference, just wondering if you have tried to load the wrong software. Equally there is an oddity about the memory and software, you may have the bigger physical memory inside but unable to use it.

Someone on here did a write up about the download a few weeks back if I recall - anyone know of it?

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May be too obvious to ask but - is the software you downloaded from the Meade site a zip file and did you unzip it before doing the update?

Which downloader application did you use from the Meade site?

Some versions of the software need specific downloader versions.

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fixed it:D just need to recalibrate now , job for to morrow.

You need to do a SAFE LOAD. Power off the telescope. For the AutoStar #497 through version 4.3, hold down the ENTER and SCROLLDOWN keys (opposite corners of the AutoStar) and then power on the telescope. You will see something like FLASH LOAD READY. Launch the AutoStar Update application; it should detect this mode and let you reload the AutoStar. NOTE: this puts the AutoStar back in a "factory condition". load two updates and back to normal................For now:eek::D

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