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1st Ever Astro-photos!


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I didn't have much time but I had to try it out last night.

Obvious target was the moon, I so I pointed at that.

I suspect that either the focus was out and/or my collimation skills arn't quite up to scratch yet :) but as a beginner I'm impressed with myself :D

This was on a skywatcher explorer 200p with a D300 using an eyepiece adapter & 25mm eyepiece. I tried 2 smaller eyepieces (a 10mm and 6.somethingmm) but I think that focuser couldn't rack in far enough with the adapter to get focused. Any advice?




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I am :D I would have liked to try Jupiter but by the time I got the hang of it, Jupiter was behind the house :)

I tried a higher power eyepiece but I couldn't focus it at all, I suspect the focuser couldn't rack in far enough with all the adapter stuff on the end.

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