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Hi all


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Hi my name is Ian. I live in chelmsford in essex Uk.

I currently have:

Revelation 10" dob

Antares sentinal semi apo 80mm

old Orion optics 280 4.5" reflector.

Various eyepieces both 2" and 1.25"

Antares 2" diagonal fitted with williams optics 2" VR-1 minus violet filter.

various filters.

I also use a badder hyperion eyepiece to connect my fuji s5000 for basic photography at present.

I have been into astronomy since childhood but only in the last 2 years have I owned my own telescopes.

I started with an etx 90 but sold that last year in favour of the dob/small refractor package as this allows me more freedom and ease of use (I'm disabled)

My dob is permanently mounted on a rigid alloy truck that allows me with the aid of ramps to get it in and out.

My Sentinal is often used on a rigid alloy photo tripod but I have recently added an old eq4 mount to the clan for use with the Sentinal when doing lunar/planetary photography.

I live on the edge of town, and im afraid my skies are quite badly light polluted. I love all aspects of astronomy.

My brother visits for the weekend about once a month and we usually time thaqt to coincide with clear skies so we can spend the night viewing.

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Hi Ian , welcome to the Forum , i dont live that far from you , langdon hills basildon , the skies are much the same here as you , but with the aid of filters these days , there is not much i cant see, take alook at my website , it does go to show that it can be done with light pollution all around us




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Hi Ian,

Welcome to the SGL Forum, a friendly and helpful lot here.

A friend of mine has a 10" Revelation Dob - and it is an excellent piece of kit. The wee semi apo should give you great wide field views - bet M45 comes up a treat in a 20mm EP.


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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone..

Rog if your ever up my way feel free to say hi.

Yes Gaz I couldnt believe the bang for buck with the 10" I have had a couple of teething problems but I feel that was more to the shipping company who gave the tube box a damn good bashing, so the collimation was well out by the time it arrived. Thats been sorted out now of course. I also had a missing bearing on mine that rob replaced straight away. The bag containing it was missing from the outside of the tube box.(more shipping problems)

I changed the finder as my brother had a right angle 50mm finder he just bought from the states cheap but wanted my white one to match his tube, (what a tart!) to be honest the right angle finder makes things a lot easier.

I also glued my mount box together as well as screwed it just for extra rigidity and to make sure no damp could get in the screw holes at all.. That and a buffer for the tube to stop it donking on the mount when it tilts to far and things where sorted.

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Hi Ian, I also have a 10" Revelation, fantastic scope all right! I am also not too far from you, near Maldon.

Have you looked at http://www.startrak.co.uk about fitting setting circles to the dobs base? That's going to be my next project (after the wifes shelves are built of course!)

Do you know anything about the astronomy club that used to meet in Witham? I last went there about 4 years ago and it now seems to be defunct and no-one seems to know what's happened to it.

Anyhow, less rambling and back to work I guess!

Clear skies


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