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i am back once more into the world of astronomy. use to have a tal  4.1/2 great scope. got a etx60 off ebay just to get started again. what set up, would you recommend :sunny:

Hi Vfr, Welcome aboard. 

I am a new member myself and have found them to be a friendly lot here :)

If you have had a Tal 4.5" you are unlikely to be impressed with an ETX60...  Don't be discouraged, you can always re-ebay it and go for another Tal - those Russian scopes are real over-achievers.  Alternatively, a Dobsonian will give you the most aperture per £ or you might consider one of the Skywatcher Newtonians on a GEQ mount - excellent scopes for the money. 

If you tell us more about your interests (deep-sky-objects/planetary/lunar?) and what sort of sky you have (clear & dark or city light pollution) I am sure you will get plenty of good advice and suggestions.


Steve :)

PS: It is probably best that you click on 'new topic' and re-post your intro, otherwise it might get a little lost on the end of this thread. 

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Don't worry I've split the topic :)

Welcome VFR, I agree with Steve the Tal's (although I've never had one) are supposed to be very good.

Giving advice on a new scope can be very objective. What are your interests? and what's your budget.

I have a Newt and tend to point everyone the same way - cause I'm very happy with mine.

But the are some great little scopes out there, from the humble 80ED semi APO to things like the Skymax which are very well thought off.

Let us know a little more info and we should be able to make a recommendation or two.

Welcome again,


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