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yeti monster

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No, I'm not giving stuff away.

But my pal has just arrived on the rig from Thailand, and he's got some 0.96" EPs, a 90 degree and a Barlow he no longer needs, and he's gonna fetch them for me to have. I am well pleased.

No I'm off to catch the ISS passing over, and hopefully catch a glimpse of mercury and saturn too, what a day it that all happens eh?

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Ah, I have perfected the technique of standing still whilst looking up, and there are a few darker areas where the lights don't interfer too much.

There was too much haze around the horizon for the predicted viewing of Mercury and Saturn, and like a complete clutz, I managed to somehow read 05:50 as 5:50 pm so missed the ISS by a mere 12 hours!

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My pal has just handed me a wee package containing the afore mentioned optics, I am well chuffed and shall be having more of a look at them than is really needed later. In exchange I have given him a carton of ciggies, which I bought for an FMC engineer who was in need, but went off before I arrived, so fair exchange I say.

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And here they are:


Some very useful looking stuff I'd say.

40mm Kellner, 20mm Kellner, 3x Barlow (well, if WAS free), 90 degree prism, 1.5 x erecting EP (dunno what that's for, but I can only ask), 0.965"-1.25" adapter and a screw in moon filter. All look clean and well cared for.

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Oh I think these will give more pleasure than a pack of cigarettes.

It's been a long while since this deal was struck:D,

understandable in view of the employment you're in.

Give us reports on the result of using the Kellner EP's.

Are they coated by the way Yeti.?


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I'm not aware of any specific coatings, nor their manufacture, been far too busy peering through them to really look at them!

Going off the 25mm Kellner I already have, I'm expecting fairly reasonable views, especially from the 40mm for widefield work.

They may be cheap and cheerful items, but I'll be sorting out a case for my rapidly growing collection of niknaks, er EPs.

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