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Hello all

I was thinking of buying the revelation photo-visual eyepice set, but on reflection after a bit of advice and reading more threads on the matter, i`m thinking about better(?)eyepieces. I came across these from scopes`n`skies. They look really good value. I was thinking of the 9.7mm and the 32mm to get me started. Has anyone got any thoughts on these eyepieces.

Also, has anyone had any dealings with scpoes`n`skies. All advice is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Andy,

Scopes n skies are variable. I've dealt with them a number of times and they have been fine, but the item I have ordered has always been small and, more importantly, in stock (I always phone to check).

I've not used the Meades, but from what I've read they are OK, although I'm not sure they're that much better than the revelation eyepieces. Quality eyepieces seem to start around £50-£60 (I'm thinking Televue Plossls, Baader Hyperions). You've got a "fast" 'scope, so you will notice the difference between the cheaper and more expensive lenses. You can spend £500+ on an eyepiece (see TeleVue Ethos) and the views throughj them are stunning, but then it should be...

Anyway, A slight plug. I have an unused (well, OK, used once) Revelation 9mm Plossl you can have for £12 including postage if you want to save some money. PM me if you are interested.


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Thanks Warthog

I have a x2 barlow that came with the SW200, do you think that will be ok with the meades or would a higher priced barlow bring out better results. Or have i just stated the obvious....:D

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