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Not another scope!


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Well, that was a result, my dads a self employed plumber and even though retired had been doing rather well lately. My 42nd is coming up this coming weekend and he's just given me £1100!!!!

So, half towards a trip of mine and my partners to Kenya for the annular eclipse in January and the other half on one of the gold Skymax 180 pro mak cassegrains! Happy birthday to me!!!!

All my other scopes are quite low f ratio so just the ticket for big aperture, high mag, high resolution planetary. Really looking forward to it, not had a new scope in ages.

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Your dad is a top bloke, I don't think anybody has given me £1100 squid before :D.

Best wishes and a Happy Birthday for this coming weekend.

Good luck with the Mak, wouldn't mind a peek through one of those.


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thanks guys, Yeah, when I hear stories about other people I knows parents, my folks are really tops. Nothing my old man wouldn't do for my bro and I. I hear about some peoples parents who almost have next to nothing to do with their kids and I guess on the one hand it makes you lucky, on the other I really believe thats what makes a good parent - and I guess what I'll try to pass on when we have kids.

Looking forward to the scope- I have been fancy a new instrument with a long f ratio for a while (high mag planetary and stuff). It also means my 6 inch f5 refractor (with paired 4 inch ST100 for guiding) will still get use for deep sky widefield.

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Just had the 7 inch Mak delivered (well done FLO). It is the absolute bomb!! Very lovely indeed piece of kit. Very glad to acquire it. So expect cloud cover to clear aroun January 15th...

Any pics Dean.

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