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Illuminated polar scope

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Hi all, I've been having some issues with my polar alignment. I cannot see the reticule of my polar scope at all! By the time the sky is dark enough to see Polaris, I lose my reticule and I'm left not really knowing whether I'm aligned right :D

Are there any illuminated polar scopes available to fit an EQ5 mount, or is there anything I can try to make the reticule more visible?


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Its the opposit for me weirdly . Using the illuminated polar scope can't see Polrais most times ( granted its not that many times so far ) because it's too darn bright.

I can sort that easily tho.

For you're self I have heard that you can shine ( at an oblique angle ) a red torch light down the reticule to help .

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Good stuff. I'll have a go with my red torch later (if it clears up) I could knock up a little red LED easily enough for a few pence if all goes well. Don't know why I didn't think of that before, ah well.

Cheers guys :D

That's what I intend to do when I've got time. I just shine a torch across it at the moment which is Ok but a built in red LED will make it so much easier.

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This is exactly the problem I have with my Vixen - and the one time when I need a bit of assistance (my wife is very long-suffering!). Putting the provided penlight in the provided holder doesn't work very well. I need to get her to admit just enough light into the axis, so as to illuminate the graticule but not swamp Polaris. The torch doesn't have to be red. Once she's got the position spot-on, lining up Polaris is a doddle and takes only a couple of minutes. In fact I claim to be able to get it within one or two arcminutes, far better than I really need.

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