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QHY5 and PHD - which driver?

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OK, I reckon I've nailed the very convoluted instructions on calibrating the HEQ5 polar scope (the next time we have clear skies will tell!). Thanks for all the help with that. I'm now setting up my QHY5 to guide my HEQ5 using PHD software (through ST4). BUT(!) I'm a little confused as to which driver I need from astrosoft.be.

The instructions with the camera very clearly say to download the 'generic QHY5 driver' as the first step, but I noticed an 'Ascom QHY5 driver', which is obvously what PHD uses for communication.

Can anyone out there using PHD and a QHY5 clarify the situation for me please? Which driver(s) do I need?

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I took the plunge with the standard driver and it seemed to work OK (only checked it out in daylight with the lens cap on but I could tell from the bands all over the screen that it was refreshing! I reckon the ASCOM driver is probably so you don't need multiple drivers for every application if you're using EQMOD, etc. It would still be nice to know for sure if anyone out the re is more informed on these matters, but it would seem to be working for me and that's the main thing!

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