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Backlash Nexstar 11?

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hi All,

I haven't had to do anything about this since I got the 'scope, but in the last couple of weeks a strange thing has been happening....

After I slew to an object and it appears on my screen (using my Watec camera), the object is stationary for about 5-10 seconds. Good so far, but....after that time it starts to drift to the left very slowly for about 30 seconds. Moving about 5arcmins. Then stops there for about 5-10 seconds. Then drifts back to where we started over a period of about 30 seconds. After that it pretty much stays put.:D

I haven't noticed any delay between pressing direction keys and the 'scope moving, so I'm not sure if it's a backlash problem or not?:D

The drift is only in azimuth and not altitude.

Help please:)


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Hi Stef,

What software version are you using on your scope? I was reading the nexstar book by Michael Swanson and it describes your case exactly

"some of the first Nexstar 11 GPS scopes...slight 'bump' in tracking (the object in the eyepiece would drift from the centre and then return) Certain versions of the motor control firmware resurfaced the 'bump' problem."

So you might want to try updating the motor control firmware. The nexstarsit.com might also help, and I've found that if you email Michael Swanson he's always willing to help!


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Cheers Helen,

I have downloaded the firmware update programs as advised on the nexstar site a few days ago, as I thought that was the problem. The MC firmware version, according to my handset said 4.06, I think. Isn't that the latest one? I wasn't sure what it meant on the nexstarresourcesite..:D

Thanks in advance for any advice:).


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