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So I still have not upgraded to a "proper" telescope (Finances not yet allowed it) but never the less I was out last night and I believe I was looking at jupiter.

Very bright star close to the moon, can anyone confirm this was in fact Jupiter? According to my phone app it was and it certainly looked like a 3d spheroid. of course, I may have just convinced myself that!!

I hope it was as I was very excited, I just didn't expect it to be as high in the sky as it was.

I live in London and was out between 8-9.30 pm

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I was looking at Jupiter through binos about the same time from SW London. Got to see Ganymede as a faint dot of light just to the side of Jupiter (totally invisible to my naked eye!) :D

I confirmed it by using the Stellarium software. It's free to download and use, and I've already found it useful to check that what I'm seeing is what I think it is!

Best Wishes,


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Isn't it amazing to think you were looking at another planet with your naked eyes? I couldn't believe it when I was told for the first time that the 'star' I was looking at was, in fact, Jupiter.

I always find friends and family are equally surprised when I point it out to them!

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