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M31 Wide

skye at night

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was going to post this in the imaging help area, but it seems to be overflowing with 'M31 help needed images'!!

Besides.. I know the issues.. It needs better data and a stable processing package (testing pixinsight but not playing ball) and more skill and patience.

Pretty much just a stack of 14 images totaling only 10 minutes...

Canon with 135mm f/2 lens @ f4




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It's not bad for 10 mins, the colour balance is odd though, a bit purpley as suggested.

Pixinsight will get rid of that vignetting, and you can set it to end up with a neutral background. You can try using the Dark Structure enhance routine to bring out the dark lanes a bit. Crop the pic first to get rid of the overlap features else it wont be able to deal effectively.

Actually, that isn't far from how I saw it in the eyepiece at Kelling.

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ahhhh, you said the M word.........

Flats will get rid of the vignetting, and darks will get rid of any hot pixels/amp glow effects.

How do the individual shots look? Do they have the purple cast? I would think it is likely caused by not having the colour channels matched in the stack, and then emphasized in the stretching. Its very easy to fix that.

That fast lens has really done the business in 40 seconds. When you say "the longest exposure", do they vary much? You will likely get better results from using same length subs in one stack, else you end up with an averaged image between the weakest and the strongest.

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all were manually controlled so approx 40 secs.. stacking may have introduced colour...

pixinsight does not seem to agree with me or my computers....

so going off it rapidly...

Only got older version of PS which does not have curves so limited..

So was looking at pixinsight...

May have to give astroart and a couple of other s alook at on my wifes work laptop.


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Hi Steve

i was having a quick look at your intergration problem and see Pixinsight will only stack FITS images:confused:

So you will have to either create these ( not sure which camera you have ) or convert to Fits , which you can do in Pixinsight.

You really want to avoid jpegs untill you are finished processing.

I do not use Jpegs until I want to load them into the web

Good luck


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I am just in the process of testing that out. so glad you have confirmed...

I had to transfer the images from one computer to another that had the software so had for various reasons to do as jpg.

going to see what I can do then in pixinsight and nebulosity..

I am using a Canon 20Da



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Hi Steve. Does your early version of Photoshop on the Mac have the Magic Wand/Quick Selection Tool? If so you could isolate the galaxy with the Quick selection tool set on Auto-Enhance then use the Colour Balance tool to change the colour to suit your taste. The Saturation tool also helps............ this is a quick ten minuet job just as an illustration and probably not to everyones taste.:D

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