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Guiding - have a laugh at this error trend.


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I need to re-align the scope and fine tune the guiding and here is the graph I have at present (EQ6 with an ST80 and DSI).

My question is a simple one...with the set-up I have what error max and min should I be aiming for. Obviously the X axis on this photo is a dogs dinner but is the Y ok with the occasional 0.5 error or should that be a lot better as well?

I would be interested if anyone has a graphic showing the error on their setup to give me something to aspire to!

Neil C


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I just recorded this one before the clouds came in, it was a bit off towards the end because of this. Tracking error graph from Maxim, 4s guide exposures, mount is an AP 1200 reasonably well balanced. Guide scope is a 6" TMB reduced down to 600mm with Atik16IC doing the guiding. Arc sec/pixel is 2.54 so max error is about 0.75 arc seconds. Better than the seeing anyway. Graph length is eight minutes.



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Thanks for the trends, the guiding is now working well. I had bought the guide rings from milamber but not installed them so was still using the bodge it method, unfortunately this was misaligned with the main scope. Once I installed the guide rings and aligned the scopes it started guiding very well.


Neil C

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