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Skywatcher motor drives and clutch


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Just a simple question; has anyone tried to modify a RA/DEC or autofocuser motor drive with a clutch?

The manual for my eq3-2 dual axis motor says one can loosen a wheel on the shaft gear to disenage the motors, but I don't want to fiddle with an allen key in the darkness when I'm trying to pin point an object in the focuser..

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I had a driven EQ3-2 a couple of years back. That set screw had been replaced by a screw with a knurled head so you could engage / dis-engage the RA drive with your fingers rather than with an allen key - I agree that the latter is not a good approach, especially in the dark.

You just need to find a suitable screw with a nice knurled head that fits but is not so large that it snags on anything as the shaft rotates.


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