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Trouble with opticstar or synscan mount?

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Hi I have been trying to auto guide over the last few weeks and have tried to trouble shoot my equipment.

I could not get PHD to work, so I tried guide master and when I tried to move the star in the compass I could not get any movement. I thought it must the mount or GPUSB.

My set up is:

· EQ5 mount with synscan goto upgrade kit

· Opticstar AG-130M Auto-guiding System (Guide camera and shoestring GPUSB box)

I have:

· Balanced the mount

· Not over loaded it

· Cleaned the connection ports with cotton buds

· With a continuity tester found the lead going to the mount green red black and yellow are all switching while using GPUSB check on the computer

· Can switch the green and red LED on and off

· With the mount is not tracking using auto guide speed of .5x looking south

· RA + movement up in eye piece

· RA – movement up in eye piece same as RA+

· DEC + no movement for 1min then moves right

· DEC – No movement for 2.5mins then moves left

· Using the hand controller at rate x1

· DEC- moves right straight away

· DEC+ moves left after 40secs

· RA- moves up after 20secs

· RA+ no sound from motors no movement

It would be great if anybody had any ideas of what is wrong, what is right or what I can do next would be a great help.

Sorry for the long post or if I am not very clear in explaining the problem.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks Dean

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