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My first planet


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Hi guys,

All you others have put me to shame, but I'm relatively proud I even managed to find Jupiter, let alone photo it with my 700x70 refractor....on a rubbish flimsy mount.

I present you my first planetary photographic attempt - Jupiter. If you look closely enough, you can just about make out the blurred bands.

I need a better scope and a sturdier mount for those longer exposures!

Any suggestions for setup? lol....anyone wanna donate? =P



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I didn't want to buy too expensive a telescope as I did not want to get bored of it and feel like I've wasted lots of money (which btw, I am most certainly not bored of and want to buy my next scope!).

I have myself a Bresser 70x700 refractor. It was around £60 from Lidls, but the mount is a bit flimsy, and not as sturdy as I had hoped, but the scope is great for viewing nonetheless.

I think I need to save up A LOT in order for me to get something which would take great images.

Any suggestions as to kit would be greatly appreciated.

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Not a bad start and with slightly longer exposure high iso you should get some moons too. Sturdyness is the key as it makes it easier to focus, you will get better as you progress and learn. Don't be put off I can see you doing well here in a month or two. John.

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