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Out of town for a while


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Keep away from the edge Astro, it looks a long way down in the pictures.

Captain Chaos

Trust me CC, it looks even farther down from the edge. :) There are places close to where we setup that are one bounce from a 300 meter drop.

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Here's a couple more low resolution shots, just for fun. All these were taken near sunset on Saturday from Yavapai Point where the star party is held. Our scopes are set up about 50 meters from the edge and about 200 meters from where these were taken. The first shot aimed east, second was north, third northeast and last west.




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Ah! I got it. Actually, there was lots of smoke in the canyon, as there's a wild fire on the north rim. It should show up in the other pics I took.

CC: Yeah, I've heard of humidity, but don't get it much, except in July/August during monsoons. :)

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