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galaxy imaging with webcam

red dwalf

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I was imaging jupiter last night and after i`d finished i thought i`d look at a few galaxys ( smuges ) but i was thinking can i image a galaxy with a unmodified philips 900 webcam ? i know noise can be a problem with long exposes, but can anyone suggest anything.

cheers Rob

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I don't think you'll have much luck imaging galaxies or nebulae with an unmodded webcam, although you may be get some results on double stars - have a go with Alberio.

If you feel up to modding the camera yourself there's a very informative thread here, otherwise Astronomiser can do the job for you.

This was probably my best result, taken with a self modded SPC900NC, Skywatcher 130PM, and a bunch of 30 or 40 second exposures, if I remember correctly.


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