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Cleaning Dew from Camera Lens


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Dew Prevention - Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shields

is this the kind of think you are talking about with a dew heater?

as I understand it from that website, you also need a "dew controller":

Dew Prevention - Astrozap Dual Channel Dew Heater Controller

but how do you get power to the controller if you have no car nearby for the cigarette lighter plug? does this thing have a socket for it?

Power - Skywatcher PowerTank 7Ah

edit: sorry I just read the power box info more clearly and noticed yes it does have cigarette lighter ports, so is this method generally how it is done then to get power to the dew heater?

it says that the heat from dew heaters doesn't interfere.. but from what I have read heat is very important to get rid of and causes distortion in the scopes image, having to let your scope cool down for 30 minutes etc to get rid of heat, like I said it claims the heat isn't a problem but is that true can anyone confirm this who has used these things?

also can the dew controllers be attached to the scope / mount anywhere to keep it out of the way or what?


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