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M33 half Kelling half Chesterfield


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First thing I realised I'd forgotten on getting to Kelling were my cameras, not very bright :o. Fortunately SteveL and Paxo came to the rescue with a QHY8 and an Atik 314, which was generous of them to say the least :).

Friday evening at Kelling started a bit murky but after midnight the skies were good until cloud came in at 3.00am. I managed 4 hours of data and the second lot of subs looked pretty good. Unfortunately I applied a dodgy flat to the subs using the batch file utility in Maxim and accidently over wrote the orignials. This wrecked the dimmer parts of the subs but the colour data was still just about useable.

On getting home on Sunday I used my QSI to grab some mono. There was loads of high cloud and the guiding kept giving up but I managed to salvage a good few subs although the dim stuff was lost in the murk.

Scope - Tak FSQ106 QHY8 40x400 secs, QSI 532 55x 180secs through a CLS filter.

Stacked and combined in CCDstack and processed in PS.

I'm really surprised at how much I've managed to get from the dodgy data and will definitely keep going with this to pull out the really faint stuff around the periphery.


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Don't know how much better you would have fared with your own cameras Martin, but this is superb, and if more data is going to improve it at all, it will be a real humdinger.

So pleased to have met you at Kelling too, your a real gent. and your patient help was greatly appreciated, by Mike and myself.


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Nicely salvaged Martin, the colour looks perfect. I'm just putting together my own imaging checklist. After Saturday night, No1 will be make sure the laptop power supply is plugged in and not left running with a few minutes of battery left!



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