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Now be honest

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Im looking at different telescope mounts at the moment as my choice of scope is down to the last 2 , a 6" DOB Sky watcher or the sky watcher 150 PM

Now in all honesty what mount is a pure beginner going to have success with , the DOB with a wixey angle gauge or the azimuth mount? the DOB obviously looks easier but the convenience of tracking with the azimuth seems appealing ......

Im nearly there with this buying a scope conundrum. :o

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I recently received an 8" Dob as a birthday present and it's perfect for me as my patience levels seem to have deserted me as I've got older :o

I'm only out for up to an hour so the Dob lets me get up and running really quickly, and I simply star hop to find what I'm looking for.

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Look at the posts on this forum from people whose GoTo's don't! Honestly, a nice simple Dob. We have a couple of GoTos for imaging - it is all but essential when you want to image things invisible to even a half metre Newt - but for looking at the lovely night sky leave all that clutter behind and enjoy...


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I have have a goto set up and recently started imaging. I find myself having to kill time while it is doing itd thing. I really want a dob now so that I'll have something to do. I like the idea of having to learn the sky and star hop.

So if imaging aint your thing, best to learn the sky with a dob. Thats my 2p worth anyhoo.. :-)

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At the risk of being a slight contrarian, I found that, with "Mag 3 skies" AND some ability to star hop, I still found almost NOTHING, beyond the "stuff in ORION" etc. :) Now, albeit with better skies, with a GoTo on spongy grass, and a heavy MAK127, I still found almost half a dozen new things, in the first two hours. :)

It is fair to say that there WERE errors in the "Going-To", at THAT time, but I sense much of it was from mount-wobble. I believe I can tame that... and perhaps within the time-scale that someone learns (from scratch) to star hop. And, if I don't: "Don't tell 'em, Pike"? :o

I sense there are few ways of getting around the need for a multiplicity of scopes/mounts. I do admit that, recent GoTo setting-up sessions, were not completed. Simply I was distracted, looking at the skies with the naked eye... Or at least wishing I had a decent pair of binoculars! :D

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