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At long last I got a scope

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Hi oldies, My wife and family gave me a Celestron NexStar 130 SLT for my 50th birthday. And I love it. They gave me the budget and I could pick something. I choose this one. Not to big and not to small. And I had some left for good eyepieces, for which I choose a 13mm Baader Hyperion with the 14 and 28mm rings. Sticks out a mile, but what a view it gives. The Celestron eyepieces are still in the box and will probably stay there. I de-wobbled the scope with some cork between the scope and the mount, which had a enormous gap. It is much sturdier now and the vibratons supression pads also help.After reading a lot first I stuck to sound advice given by others. Like LEVEL your scope. DO enter lat./long. to the second and be precise about the time it is. 30 seconds off and bye bye tracking. After everything is level and on time picke the three star allaignment. Pick Polaris as the first and then pick two others. Tracking just goes on and on. For planets, just do the allaignment on the planet and slect Synch. Wonderfull. Jupiter stays in the middle for as long as you want. BUT everything depends on a LEVEL scope, precise location and the correct time.

Oh and a mat for under your feet, those tiles get cold after a while on the terras. :)

So after years of "one day I´ll get myself a scope" I have one and I love it.

So thanks dear wife, mum and inlaws for this great gift! Be prepared for my wishlist for christmas...

So here I am now at the island of Menorca in the mediterranean enjoying myself at night finally seeing things I always wanted to see with my own eyes.


The focuser isn´t too good, so I hope some manifacturor will come up with a good replacement.

Focuser goes way into the tube and isn´t black so craps up the image, but that was solved with matt black paint which was a big improvement. Darn, I´m a first time scope owner and notice something like that. So Celestron: make your sticking into the tube focuser at least black instead of shiny silver!


After a few days of clouds and thunderstorms it was clear again yesterday. I used the cloudy days to get to grips with collimating. Not sure if I did it right... Anyway, it was VERY clear! All summer dust washed out of the sky and no wind, 19 degrees Celsius. It was the first rain since may!

So when I came home after work (I always work till 22.00) I kicked the scope on the terras (39º59´3"N, 04º05´37"E at 57mtr) to cool down. Got myself a snack and waited till the lights from the footballfield (that´s soccer to you) went out. Using their free light I started to prepare everything, lining up the scope etc. When the lights went out I waited till Jupiter popped around the corner of the house using the time to adjust my eyes sitting in the dark. I did the SkyAllign on Jupiter and hit "sync". I used my new 13mm Hyperion with two extention tubes and concluded that the view was much better. So I think the collimation went right. Just out of focus it was a nice dougnut. The cork I put between the scope and the mount made a big difference too, like the sand in the tripod. Plus ofcourse the anti-vibration pads. So focussing was much easier. The bands were clearly visible, but no red spot. Or I can´t see it or I miss it every time. Four moons cleary visible. I just sat there (I never extend the tripod, which also helps to make the whole thing more stable. And why stand if you can sit *grin*). After about 15 minutes I noticed that my neck was getting longer. The scope followes neatly and you don´t really notice that you´re following the eyepiece, so I haulded my butt forward and just kept gazing, and taking it all in. Before I knew it I heard the key turning when my wife came home from work at 01.30 stumbling into the darkness.

Time flies when you´re heaving fun. And that´s why I´m so happy with my first scope and my little tweaks I did to it. :)


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Welcome Michel! And welcome to the forum :). I was interested in the fact that you have used a Hyperion EP in your scope (similar to my Explorer 130P) - it's quite a big EP - did you think the scope was beefy enought to cope with the weight? I am thinking of getting the 8mm.


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It is a beefy eyepiece and it sticks out a mile with the two extension rings. Makes the scope twist a bit. So to counter-beef that problem I´m thinking of ordering these : Multiplex Rohrschellen - Maßanfertigung - Tuben D = 129-186mm - Teleskop-Express: DER Astroshop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung

(site is in german). They make them to size.

With a 25cm wedge. That way you can slide the scope forwards and backwards.

Ithink that will make for a much sturdier mounting.

And I´ll stick to Hyperions. They get the best out of the scope and will do even better when I eventually buy a bigger one. Same reason why I bought myself a 2" barlow.

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