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First sight of Jupiter (I think)


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Was so happy last night. I got to use my telescope and managed to see something. :):hello2::)

I was looking so the South at about 9:00 p.m at that bright star, I think it's Jupiter. I put my 25mm eyepiece on and could make out a blob and 4 bright dots. I later realised that the 4 bright dots were 4 moons.

I tried with the 10mm and got a better closer look and after a while I could make out 2 bands. The maximum I could go to was my 2X Barlow and the 25mm eyepiece and got a really good look.

However after 20 mins it clouded over. As I live very near Newcastle Upon Tyne I was amazed I could see anything with all the light pollution, and I think I have now truly been bitten by the bug :)

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HI All

I managed to get scope out for the first time tonight in over a week due to bad cloud cover, and what a night its been :) ive watched jupiter and 4 of its moons. and what a sight its been, i could clearly see its bandings, wow. first time ive used scope with new eye pieces. :) really chuffed with how its all performed. Will have another go tomorrow.


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