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finding true north

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My Garmin unit allows both mag north and true north to be identified... and indeed grid north for OS maps

There is site somewhere which I've forgotten the name of and run by the equivalent of the Canadian met office. It allows you to input your location and then it calculates the offset from mag north to find true north. If I recollect correctly, in the UK, it's about 3degrees west of mag north


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Interesting thought... But since a GPS knows where both you and itself are, maybe it could calculate true north. I sense many more conventional devices (must) rely on magnetic transducers? I think, next up for me, is a plumb line hung from the nose of the scope, pointed at Polaris... And a chalk line on the ground. :)

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I have a nexstar 5 on a wedge tripod and would like to take some photo's. if I set my gps to 00.00 by 00.00 this would give me true north and the latitude would give me the angle for the wedge is this correct? I don't seem to get the drift align method at the moment.

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good job nobody reads my posts including me I meant to put 90.00N by 00.00 as thats where the north pole is, so if I set that as my direction and my wedge to the latitude will that give me a polar alignment? I can't afford a polar finderscope and I was given the gps as a present so this is me trying to do it on the cheap

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Sorry you've not had a reply to your latest question - I can't help I'm afraid but you might try posting something similar in the imaging section - those folks are very knowledgable about polar alignment - unlike me who's an alt-az user .....


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