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Memory cards.


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Do you intend to have it Modded Mick, Or is it already done?

4 Gb. is enough to get you started. (Peter), Psychobilly is about the most prolific Canon 1000D user, I'm sure his advice will be forthcoming.

Have fun with the new toy, they are very good. If you are going to use a computer, then you can save to the HDD.


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I'll be getting by with a 2gb card for now. For everyday use, it gives me about 515 shots in top jpg quality which is more than enough.

For DSI work, if your imaging for 4 hours taking for instance 2 minute subs, the maximum number of images you would take would be about 120. Even a 2gb card is enough for this. Also, don't forget that in the remote control software, you can select to save to the card and the laptop, or just the laptop.

I'm not exactly an expert with this camera (only got mine last Thursday) but I'm absolutely delighted with it so far. Only scratched the surface of itsa settings so far. - used it on Monday night to take images of a dress reheasal of a show I'm involved in - rattled off about 450 images (without flash) over the course of 2 hours - still loads of charge left in the battery.

Hope you have a good time with it.



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Mick, I have 3 x 8Gb, 1 x 4Gb and a couple of 2Gb cards. But, I tend to take a lot of daylight pictures too. I generally don't use more than 2Gb in a session. I think I went beyond 2Gb the once when I was using an AltAz and took 168 frames of 30 seconds each in RAW.

The 8Gb gives me about 500 raw, the 2Gb about 120... so roughly 4 hours of 2 minute subs on the 2Gb.

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