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Ist RGB image


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I have been toying for a while to start rgb imaging,but could not afford the filters and filter wheel.

Eventually i managed to get hold of a wheel and a set of narrowband filters Ha,Hb,O3,S2.

As it was clear last week I decided on imaging the Bubble Ngc 7635.The image started with 3 hours of Ha subs @10 mins each .,this produced a very pleasing image as i have never attempted before.the next night I got 2 hours of Hb in 10 min subs then O3 in the same.Then on monday I managed 3 hours of S2 @15 min subs.

Then I had the challenge to combine them ,after a few hours I gave in and sent them to my good friend Nick Howes,who kindly processed them for me.

Left image is H-A/B and OII,right is SII, HA, OIII (Hubble Pallette).

I hope you like them.



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Hi Ian

Like Peter said, talk about jumping in at the deep end, excellent first effort. I always think of the first effort as being the 'worst' and you just look at improving on it, well you have got off to a very good start

Best wishes


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My word that is an ambitious start and you've got pretty decent contrast there - I prefer the Hubble Palette. Not many use Hbeta because it doesn't really collect much but it can give a truer colour balance when put in blue channel. JohnH.

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