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22" first light


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OK then, set up last night eventually (I forgot to pack the tubes :oops: ) and then had to wait a while for the little bit of dark to arrive. horrible night, seeing was probably about 2 and that's optimistic. High cloud made star testing pretty much impossible but pointed at Jupiter it was rather interesting. Very bright even for a black uncoated mirror, just missed the transit of one of the moons (satellites :) )but could still see detail - even the GRS at one point... this with a 40mm plossl :) Moon was awesomely bright but lacking in contrast until later in the evening - at which point you could look in the eyepiece without getting an image of the Moon on the back of your head!! At anything less than a 20mm EP the spherical-ness/parabolic-ness of the mirror showed big time but as this was expected I'm not too worried. Accidentally found Albireo but keep it quiet...

A surprising amount of contrast given the mirror as it got darker but due to the lack of seeing I packed it in about 1am. Couple of niggles - I *really* need to get a finderscope on it and also the top cell is not as rigid as I'd like so will have to sort that also. All in all rather pleased with the scope and cannot wait now to get the mirror's final configuring sorted then off to be aluminised and quartz-coated. Hopefully aiming to get it ready for the real first light some time early august.


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