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Where is the Moon?

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I have just taken stock of my first scope and am a complete beginner so appologies for this...

According to Stellarium the Moon doesn't show its face till 4:00am I am from the UK and live in Birmingham. If I am correct when will the Moon be appearing at a more appropriate time?

Thank you.

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I simply wait until it sort of happens to be there.

Oddly the last time I saw it was Monday at about 2:00 in the afternoon, half moon in the West. Looked slightly odd in a bright sunny blue sky.

Didn't have a scope as I was at work, but I did wonder what a view of it would be like.

As it is waning (getting smaller) by the time it reappears at "night" I suspect it may be close to new so just a narrow arc.

Couldn't you just specify a date like Sept 19 or Sept 26 to Stellarium and see what the state of the moon is like then?

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